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Handicrafts Department

Presentation of  Fars Handicrafts Department
Office Number:37381281
If you have any  practical suggestion , please  do not  hesitate  to contact Deputy department


Public education in the fields of local crafts available standard of applicants and students.
Issue of triple license to applicants related to the organization Establishment license,ID cards,
Production and operation license.
Holding of Crafts exhibitions on different occasions in order to strengthen marketing and manufacturers for sale Craft items.
Pursuing an art certificate for qualified artists.
Participating in Exhibition of other provinces and around the world for marketing and competition ,Follow-up artists and craftsmen insurance.
Development and promotion of indigenous crafts and crafts community orientation through publications, printed books, educational video production, documentary film production.
Monitor the quality and quantity of productive workshops.
Standardization of craft production, monitoring, which are based on existing standards in order to compete in the market.

Pursuing and obtaining sufficient funds for payment of long-term affordable facilities  for craftsmen and artists.



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